Any shape and size for an innovative lighting solution

Gracy is our core product, based on our patented technology. A 6 mm slim, one-component lighting panel with integrated LED lights. A true revolution in lighting technology because it serves as both a lighting system and infrastructure that can be enabled to IoT devices. Gracy is an open platform for integrating the IoT equipment, such as motion sensors and thermostats, while providing high efficiency LED lighting. 

Gracy, the LED panel
LED iBond’s patented technology combines LEDs and ACPs to transmit power to the LEDs

Gracy benefits

  • Create light panels in any shape and size to fit your needs
  • High efficiency: energy saving lightsource
  • Ease of installation, only one cable needed
  • Flexibility: enable incorporation of customer-specific components into final solution
  • Possibility to create customized lighting scheme which can be retrofitted and mounted on existing ceiling
  • Option of creating IoT-enabled solutions to include, for example, motion sensors and other IoT devices
  • Design and appearance are smooth and easy to clean
  • Option of using replaceable LEDs, which enables you to replace a single LED in a matter of seconds


Gracy Use Cases