Grow Light Solutions for Growing Cannabis

Customized Grow Light for Cannabis Cultivation

Our grow lighting solution can be completely customized for every farm in terms of formfactors, plant growth phase spectra, UV-cleaning and connection to external management system or our LED iBond App. 

Cannabis prefers certain environmental conditions to thrive. Conditions like temperature, humidity, light intensity, spectra and airflow are vital for keeping cannabis healthy through its different growth phases. All factors we support and consider, when customizing growth light.

Our LEDs are of highest quality and therefore last much longer, use far less electricity, create less heat, and have the most optimal spectrum of light. All this is designed for the farmer to produce top-quality plants and an optimum yield.

Due to the unique formfactor and design of the panels, they can be easily cleaned accordingly to keep a sterile environment.


  • Panels in linear or 2D to cover area for optimal uniformity  
  • GRACY Horticulture ia our grow light panel that can cover a broad area up to 1100×1100 mm/panel. This solution is ideal for larger productions of Cannabis and where natural light is not available
  • TRACY® Horticulture is our linear LED panel that can be complimented with natural light. It is ideal for minor indoor cultivations
  • Efficient and customized spectra of 440-600μmol/s/m2
  • Healthy plants and higher yield due to customized growth light and optimal uniformity
  • Hard-wearing with IP67 classification
  • Safe for long-term use 
  • Minimal wiring and low power consumption gives high efficiency to optimize yield/watt/m2
  • Controlled by app or connect to other management system
  • Easy to clean for sterile environments 
  • UV-cleaning feature with easy integration

Customized Spectra Solutions

We customize spectra and can go between 440-600 μmol/s/m2.

We recommend to install two spectra for the two main growth phases (Vegetative and Flowering phase) to meet the needs of the Cannabis plants. 

In the Vegetative Phase it needs plenty of red and blue light. When entering the Flowering Phase we need to add plenty of Far-red as the main light to promote strong plant growth.

Cannabis Recipe Vegetative Spectrum

Ideal to boost the plants growth

This recipe is designed to promote the production of flavonoids and other phenolics via plenty of blue light. Lots of red light is included to ensure continued photosynthesis.

We recommend using this recipe in combination with Cannabis Flowering Spectrum for optimal plant development and a high yield.

Cannabis Recipe Flowering Spectrum

Spectra for flowering plant development phase for optimal buds

The Flowering spectrum with Far-red light is ideal to promote strong flowering growth. It consists of plenty of far-red lights for extra impact. This color combination is specifically designed for healthy plant growth in the flowering phase.


GRACY Horticulture

Growth Light Specifications

GRACY Horticulture growth light is a 2D panel panel with integrated LEDs. Each panel supplies lots of lifegiving light to the baby sprouts and is ideal for indoor nurseries with no access to natural light. The LED panel is super slim, yet sturdy and lightweight and can easily be installed into an existing nursery set-up.

Technology LED
Material ACP, Polyethylene and Aluminum
Custom Dimensions max. 1100 x 1100 mm
Height 6 mm (7 mm, water protection)
Grow Light Spectra According to crop life cycle
Light control Wireless option
Power Consumption 63 W/m2 at 200 umol.


Customized Spectra
Get a higher yield with customized spectra and specially designed optics
Compatible Software Solution
Advanced light control. Connect to DALI protocol, Bluetooth or LED iBond App solution
Increased Yield and Quality
Growth light LEDs with market-leading power efficiency
Easy Installation & Cleaning
The slim panels can be mounted on any rack design and can be cleaning accordingly
UV-cleaning feature
Unique feature to easily install UV-C cleaning panels with up to 99.9% disinfection rate
Market Leading Quality
Market-leading lifespan based on high-quality materials.
Developed and Manufactured in Denmark
Strong international patented technology.
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App Light Control

Via our app you can control the grow light panels or you can connect to existing control system.

Cannabis needs 18 hours of light a day when in the vegetative stage and 12 hours a day when flowering.  This can be controlled directly via the app for optimal usage of energy.


Customized Lighting Design

For your specific needs – our grow light solutions are all optimized for effective utilization of μmol and outstanding uniformity of light.

What do our customers say?

We are very impressed with the LED light solution LED iBond has delivered to my vertical farm. It was very clear that they outperformed the light I had installed both on uniformity, but also on maintenance. We ran a test installation in the fall of 2021 and the results were amazing and I have now implemented LED iBond light on a complete layer where I see an increase on my yield.

Quote: Camilla Enge, CEO, Refarmed