Kitchen lighting solution

Tracy® Home is ideal for kitchens

Countertop lighting has very specific demands. The light must be bright enough to light up the entire surface, even the dark corners. At the same time, the light should be pleasant and dimmable. Tracy® Home meets all these demands and more.

The 6 mm slim design practically disappears, and the high-quality LEDs offer a market-leading lifespan. Ideal under cabinets or open shelves.

Tracy® Home uses 46% recycled materials and 93% recyclable raw materials.

Made in Denmark.


  • Slim and elegant 6mm aluminum design for seamless blend-in with any kitchen
  • Easy installation with mounting brackets or pads
  • Flexible and modular to create unique designs
  • Create your own design with the Click and Go solution
  • Extendable in linear panels of up to 40 meters, requiring only a single power connection.
  • Electrically conductive LED panel given minimal wiring requirements 
  • Low voltage
  • Market-leading LED lifespan
  • Nearly 46% of the product come from recycled materials.
  • 93% of the raw materials can be recycled after use.



Power consumption:


Luminous flux:

Color temperature:

12 V

1,1 W / LED spot


100 lm / LED spot


Can be cut into any angle and lenght
1 connection point for up to 40 meters
Only 6 mm slim
Easy installation
Click & Go solution to be mounted onto anything

Instruction videos

Light Distribution 1 or 2 panels

What do our clients say?

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