LED iBond Kitchen

A revolution in kitchen light


The Internet is entering your kitchen and home with smart solutions. LED iBond Kitchen is born smart and helps your kitchen and home prepare for a connected future. We can’t tell the future, but we do know how to prepare your kitchen for it.

That is why LED iBond Kitchen is an open system forming a completely new standard. You can add connected modules to it. Charge your phone, play music, keep track of time or try any other creative application you might like. It can help you on the way to the future. Just plug into LED iBond Kitchen.

LED iBond Kitchen is designed with a solid aluminium core being the back-bone of the construction. It doesn’t only give you the feel and robustness known from high end computers and mobile phones. It also allows us to use some of the most powerful and best LEDs due to effective heat management providing optimal conditions for the LEDs. That is why LED iBond Kitchen will last for many years.


  • SUPER SLIM extremely slim only 6 mm
  • FLEXIBLE cut to almost any length – even in angles
  • EXTENDABLE Combine panels to suit your needs
  • INTUITIVE INSTALLATION fast and easy to install
  • EASY TO CLEAN Smooth durable surfaces
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