LED iBond delivers sustainable, intelligent lighting solutions.

At LED iBond, light is not just light. We create new ways of connecting data with light and develop innovative lighting solutions for new and exciting growth markets:

Smart Buildings

We work to make buildings more intelligent

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UV disinfection light

We develop UV light that eliminate viruses and bacteria

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Vertical farming

The future of farming is layered

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LED iBond delivers sustainable, durable and intelligent lighting solutions

At LED iBond, we don’t consider light to be just light. Light is a factor that can make or mar a space as it has the ability to exponentially transform a space. You can start to take advantage of the effects of proper lighting and LED products in your space with LED iBond products.

Apart from light, at LED iBond, we also create new ways to connect data with light and develop innovative lighting solutions for new and exciting growth markets.

At the LUX 2018 Awards in London, LED iBond was granted the HIGHLY COMMENDED award for Interior Luminaire of the Year for the innovative TRACY® LED lighting system and we are extremely honoured by this recognition from the lighting industry.

You can explore our wide range of LED products, for kitchens, smart buildings, disinfection UV-lights, or vertical farming. Discover energy-saving, eco-friendly options, from warm cabinet down-lighting to cool white spotlight illumination, we have the LED kitchen lights you need.

Do you have a new project? Or do you want to know more about our innovative LED products? If you have any questions as regards lighting or LED products for your space, we are always available to answer them. Our contact details are available on the website.

We look forward to hearing from you!