Business lines

Parking Facilities

Innovative lighting solutions for parking garages and carports

Service Stations

Lighting solutions for Canopies and Car Wash

Indoor Farming

Customized, energy effective grow lighting solutions

Customized interior lighting

Designed lighting solutions to beautify open spaces


LED iBond develop and deliver innovative lighting solutions based on our LED-technology lighting platforms and our advanced Light Management solutions. Our main products are:

GRACY Industry

A slim, one-component lighting panel with integrated LED lights. Long-lasting and durable even in harsh environments.

TRACY® Industry

6 mm slim linear lighting. Extendable up to 40 meters with just one power connection

Hortisaber Linear grow lights


New 2nd generation linear LED-toplights for Greenhouses. Energy saving solution with outstanding light uniformity and customizable spectra. The HORTISABER™ can replace traditional HPS toplights and 1st generation LED toplights one-to-one.


Marked-leading Light control and management solutions for a broad range of industrial applications from parking facilities to horticulture farming.

Smart Lighting

One of LED iBond´s main focus areas is creating smart lighting for any type of buildings using adanced automation to control the lighting in buildings from office spaces to parking facilities.

We care

We strive towards improving human health and quality of life for all. Therefore, LED iBond works strategically with 4 of the UN’s Global Goals.
Our efforts starts in product design and ends by recyclability.


LED iBond’s technology enables profitable large-scale vertical farming, one of the sustainable farming methods used to feed the world of tomorrow.

UN SDG 3 - Good health and Well-being


LED iBond’s technology is key to human health and safety by improvement of the indoor climate and by disinfection, minimizing the spread of contagious diseases e.g. virus.

UN SDG 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure


LED iBond’s technology is available as an open-source platform to everybody, encouraging innovation and proliferation of energy efficiency and climate improvement solutions.

UN SDG 13 - Climate action


As a leading technology developer, LED iBond facilitates and supports the propagation of energy-saving LED-technology for climate improvements.