The Atrium

The Atrium unique luminaire design

The Atrium features a circle-shaped, slim, and seemingly weightless design that suspends from the ceiling. This minimalistic design will blend in and become an indispensable light source for any interior. The LEDs cast a bright, energy-efficient light and offer a market-leading lifespan. The Atrium are available in 3 sizes Ø515, Ø610 and Ø680 that effortlessly illuminates stores, shopping centers, hotels, and other large spaces that need beautiful and efficient lighting.

Low power consumption, minimal wiring, and easy installation.

Made in Denmark.


Malls and Shopping Centers

The Atrium is specifically designed to give great and strong light to atriums inside shopping malls. Beautiful in itself, The Atrium lights up the space and creates a pleasant atmosphere.


A minimalistic design with lots of sparkling LEDs provides toned-down elegance to a store or shop – letting the goods get great lighting and all the attention.

Social Hubs

Where people meet and gather there is a need for plenty of efficient lighting to create a secure and friendly environment. The Atrium features low power consumption, high light efficiency, and a design that easily blends in. It is the ideal lighting solution for social hubs like libraries, schools, cultural spots, and more.

Specifications The Atrium

Technology LED
Material ACP, Polyethylene and Aluminum
Dimensions Ø515, Ø610 and Ø680 mm
Height 6 mm
Power consumption 50 W
IP IP 20 or IP67
Luminous flux 5000 lm
Color temperature 4000K
Country of Origin Made in Denmark
The Atrium unique luminaire design

Product overview

The Atrium, small (Ø515)

With a diameter of 515 mm (20.3 inches), this is the smallest version of The Atrium. 24 high-quality LEDs create good lighting and a pleasant atmosphere.

The Atrium, medium (Ø610)

This mid-sized version of The Atrium measures 610 mm (24 inches) in diameter and 36 high-quality LEDs will provide efficient lighting to any room.

The Atrium, large (Ø680)

The largest version of The Atrium has a diameter of 680 mm (26.8 inches). A total of 48 high-quality LEDs placed in concentric circles will efficiently light up any high-ceilinged space.

The story behind The Atrium    

The Atrium was born because of much demand for high bay light fixtures, which are designed to illuminate large areas with high ceilings. At first, it was called HB2 but later it was renamed The Atrium – a much more telling name. An atrium is a large open-air or skylight-covered space inside a building – as often seen in shopping malls or large hotels. For this kind of room, The Atrium – with its longevity and strong light – is the perfect LED light fixture.   

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