The Plane®

Note: The Plane luminaire has been discontinued

The Plane®

With a clean, almost futuristic design, The Plane® is a super slim LED lighting fixture that combines function and aesthetics in an elegant way.

The integrated LEDs illuminate both upwards and downwards (and independently of each other), which allows a customized light setting and no dark ceilings. The Plane® is of state-of-the-art quality and has a market-leading product lifespan.

Using a magnetic suspension system with an integrated power supply, The Plane® features easy installation and minimal cabling.


Three of our minimalistic luminaire, The Plane, lighting up a beautiful office space

Office Spaces

Thanks to its elegant, slim design that seems to float in the air, The Plane® will enhance the atmosphere in any workplace. With a bi-directional light output, the light can be adjusted upwards and downwards, which is very convenient, e.g. in the conference room.


With the Plane®, you can adjust the lighting to suit the occasion and desired mood. Direct the light upwards for illuminated ceilings and dim the lights downwards for a relaxing atmosphere around the dining room table. Its elegant design and slim profile will complement any home.


Technology LED
Material ACP, Polyethylene and Aluminum
Dimensions 1100 x 150 mm
Height 6 mm
Power consumption 50 W
IP IP 20
Luminous flux 5000 lm
Color temperature 3000K / 4000K
Country of Origin Made in Denmark
The Plane® unique luminaire design

Product overview

The Plane® 3000K

Great for near lighting

The Plane® Wireless 3000K

Great for near lighting controlled via wireless connection

The Plane® 4000K

Great for powerful lighting

The Plane® Wireless 4000K

Great for powerful lighting controlled via wireless connection

The story behind The Plane®    

An engineer’s visionary desire to create a superior LED fixture led to the creation of the Plane®.

This was accomplished by placing an LED between two aluminum composite panels (ACPs) and using the patented technology that is the backbone of LED iBond. Aluminum acts as a power conductor, reducing the need for cabling.

Environmental benefits of The Plane® include low power consumption from LEDs, long product lifespan, and high recyclability.