Applications of LED Lighting in Elevators

Elevator illuminated by LED iBond

Even though most people do not give much thought about the types of lighting used in elevators, they are an essential part of our day-to-day lives, particularly for those who live and work in multi-story buildings. LEDs from LED iBond are not only long-lasting and compact, but they also make excellent elevator lighting because of their customizability. Whether you want to install lights for the first time or upgrade existing ones, LEDs are a sustainable lighting solution for all needs.


Considerations of Elevator Lighting

When it comes to choosing elevator lighting for large, multi-story buildings, the two most important factors that come to mind are the longevity of lights and their appearance.

Longevity of Lights

Firstly, many facility managers  are concerned with the longevity of lights. As there are often many lights in an elevator across multi-story buildings, having lights that last can significantly improve their overall operational cost.

Unreliable light sources that cause frequent burnouts and blackouts will also be stressful for Facility managers and users, and tedious and complicated replacement processes can slow down a building’s operation by a lot.


Secondly, but equally important, are the appearance of elevator lights. Many of us use elevators  every day, and these ceiling lights can easily change up the building ambience and our moods.

Lights that are too dim or too bright can also hurt our eyes. Warm and cool lights can also create different atmospheres. Therefore, lights should be in the appropriate color and color temperature to ensure an optimal fit for each elevator.

Due to these two concerns, Facility managers have to be sharp about elevator lighting refurbishments. Lately, many have opted for LED lighting because of its numerous benefits. LED iBond has also participated in projects related to this area, namely the elevator refurbishment at the Rigshospitalet, Denmark’s leading specialized hospital.


Benefits of LED Lighting from LED iBond

By now, many have realized the many  nd incandescent lights. Their competitive edge in safety and durability make them suitable for usage in enclosed and busy spaces such as elevators.

Additionally, there are extra benefits for users who implement LEDs specifically from LED iBond due to the superior quality of our LEDs. These include an extra-long lifespan, small size, and lighting solutions made from recycled and sustainable materials.

Long Lifespan of LEDs

One of the most significant benefits of our LEDs is their impressively long lifespan of 100,000 continuous hours, double that of the average LED on the market. This translates to over a decade of continuous use.

This longevity is thanks to our superior heat management concept that allows heat to dissipate quickly and safely from our lighting fixtures.

Prolonged, excess heat can shorten the lifespan of LEDs and also cause damage to their light output. While conventional LED lighting companies use a PCB, heatsink, housing, and driver to combat this, we have a patented ‘sandwich’ system that places the LED between two Aluminium Composite Panels (ACPs).

Aluminium is an excellent heat conductor, and these aluminium skins can also be used to transmit electrical current to our LEDs efficiently, lengthening their lifespans dramatically.

A long LED lifespan is a huge draw for spaces such as elevators that operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in busy environments like hospitals, airports, office buildings, and multi-story spaces.

Versatile in Appearance

Another one of the main benefits of our LED lighting is its versatility in appearance. Our LEDs are available in various colors and color temperatures (measured in Kelvin, a higher color temperature creates a cooler white light, while a lower temperature creates a warmer white light).

Aside from color, our LED panels are incredibly compact, and this feature makes customizing spaces easy. LEDs can be arranged in different combinations and put closely together.

As aluminium is a lightweight yet strong and durable material, our ACPs are only 6mm thick. Because of this, our LED panels can be built into elevator ceilings, walls, and even in button panels to fulfil uniform lighting and sleek designs.

Remote Monitoring with IoT Integration

Our LED panels also have full Internet of Things (IoT) integration. They can be connected to light and movement sensors, and LEDs can be managed in one centralized location. This allows facility managers to monitor the status of all elevator lights remotely, ensuring everything is always working smoothly.

Convenient in Installation

In many cases, lighting upgrades can seem insurmountable. Old light bulbs have to be unmounted, unplugged, and disposed of, and new ones have to be tried and tested before installation.

Changing elevator lights from time to time can too be inconvenient for users, as it requires a pause in services which could delay users when they go about their day.

LED iBond’s LED replacement concept simplifies the process with our plug-and-play solution, Everly, which consists of a special tool and an LED mount. If a user wants to replace an LED, they can simply unplug it from its mount with the tool and plug a new one in. The process takes less than a minute and can be done solo.

Contribute to a Greener Future

The combined benefits of LED lighting supplied by LED iBond mean that our physical LED lights have low replacement rates. Even when lights burn out, Facility managers will not have to replace the entire elevator ceiling—just the individual LEDs. This saves resources and lowers the overall operational cost, bringing down the total cost of ownership.

LED iBond is committed to creating a greener future for ourselves and our planet. There is no better way to demonstrate this than through our custom lighting solutions made from recycled aluminium. These panels can also be further re-recycled.


Case Study – Rigshospitalet’s Custom Elevator Lighting

To demonstrate how our LEDs and light panels have been successfully installed and used in elevators, we introduce our project with the Rigshospitalet, a highly specialized Hospital in Denmark.

At sixteen stories high, the Rigshospitalet is one of the tallest buildings in the central part of Copenhagen. When its elevator infrastructure needed refurbishing, LED iBond aided in the process by supplying our very own design to fulfil the installation of lights in over 20 elevators.

Considerations: Staff and Patient Needs

The elevator lighting upgrade at Rigshospitalet is unique as it needed to cater to staff and patients. Some of these patients were sensitive to light, and others would be transported on a bed, which means they would be faced upwards and at the elevator ceilings directly.

That aside, staff on call at the hospital often work long or overnight shifts. This situation called for an even more emphasized need to reduce glare from lights that could disturb users.

Additionally, as hospitals are open and running 24/7, there was a heavy focus on creating as little disruption to its daily operations as possible, in installing the ceiling lights and in any subsequent LED replacements.

LED iBond’s Custom Lighting Solution

Tasked with this project, LED iBond designed a custom LED solution for the hospital by designing a brand-new elevator ceiling with integrated lighting. As the ceiling would have to be removed anyhow in the first stages of refurbishment, it did not delay the implementation schedule.

LED iBond first chose a circular pattern of LEDs for the elevator ceiling to reduce the amount of glare in the center of the elevator cabin, which patients will typically face when lying on rolling beds.

Next, we settled on a color temperature of 3,000K, a warm-white tone that we felt was perfect for the small space. The soft lighting creates a comfortable and soothing atmosphere inside the elevator that is bright enough for staff to work and relaxing enough for patients to rest and heal as they are transported between floors.

As our LEDs are designed to last 100,000 hours, elevator lighting maintenance is reduced to a minimum, which hugely increases the efficiency of this custom lighting solution.

To further lower operational costs for the hospital, LED iBond’s elevator ceiling consumed just over 20 watts whilst delivering an average of 130lux on the floor. This was an improvement to the previous lighting solution, which was a series of T8 fluorescent lights.

In the end, we had an energy saving of more than 85% while increasing the lux level by 30%.

Finally, taking safety concerns in mind as the hospital is home to many workers and vulnerable residents, the elevator lighting panel installed is backed up with an integrated emergency battery pack that can be called to use in case of a building-wide blackout.


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With sustainable indoor lighting for elevator cabins, large-scale light upgrades and replacements can be done in a much faster and safer way. Our solutions at LED iBond are good for the environment, and they can also lower operational costs for businesses while increasing workplace efficiency.

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