Growth Light Solutions for Moving Gutter Farms

Growth Light for Moving Gutter Farms

TRACY® Horticulture and GRACY Horticulture are growth light solutions with integrated LEDs that supply the plants with the life-giving light needed for optimal growth and health.

TRACY® is a linear LED panel. The shape lets in natural light and makes it ideal for indoor cultivations where natural light is present. Our growth light solutions are perfect for any sized moving gutter system because the slim LED panels will fit in and are easily and securely assembled into an existing system.

Due to the unique assembly process and design of the panels, they are IP67 classified and can therefore be cleaned accordingly.

Our growth light solution provides customized light intensity, specialized light spectra, and enhanced light uniformity for higher yield.

GRACY growth light panel covers a large area and has lots of integrated LEDs. This solution is ideal for moving gutter systems that need lots of light and where natural light is not available.


  • Panel in linear or 2D to cover area for optimal uniformity  
  • Efficient growth light – no need for natural sunlight
  • Healthy plants and higher yield due to customizable spectrum, micromole, and perfect uniformity
  • Hard-wearing and safe with IP67 classification
  • No movements in the LED panels, because it is mounted into the construction for safe long-term use and long product life.
  • Minimal wiring
  • Low power consumption and high efficiency
  • Controlled by app or connect to other management system

Spectra Solutions

Get 5 standard spectra solutions optimized for each phase of plant growth. The spectra are customizable for specific needs.

Spectra No. 1 Nursery Red
Spectra No. 2 Nursery Red with added Far Red

Spectra for early plant development in the nursery

The nursery spectrum with red light is ideal to promote strong seedling growth. It consists of plenty of red lights with the option of adding some far red lights for extra impact. This color combination is specifically designed for healthy plant growth in the nursery.


Spectra no. 1 Nursery Red                  Spectra  no. 2 Nursery Red w/Far Red

Spectra No. 3 Growth Light Full Spectrum

Spectra for strengthening the plant in the vegetative stage

This full spectrum of growth light is designed to strengthen the plants and their vitality in the entire vegetative stage. The spectra focuses on red and blue light for efficient photosynthesis. Far red is added to increase yield. The blue and green lights are included for growth regulation and the production of flavonoids and other phenolics.

This spectrum spectra is recommended for versatile use as it is suitable for varying crops in the complete growth period.

Spectra No. 4 Growth Light Drive

This full-spectrum Spectra is specially designed to drive growth and increase yield.

This combination promotes an efficient growth phase due to the emphasis on red and far red lights which is great for the photosynthesis process. Blue and green lights are added for health and growth regulation.

To obtain a high yield, this spectra is our recommended solution for use in combination with no. 5 Pre-harvest spectrum.

Spectra No. 5 Pre-Harvest Spectrum

Ideal to boost the plants flavour and freshness.

This spectra is designed to promote the production of flavonoids and other phenolics via plenty of blue light. Lots of red light is included to ensure continued photosynthesis.

We recommend using this pre-harvest spectra in combination with growth spectra no. 3 or 4 (with a high proportion of reds) for optimal plant development and a high yield.

GRACY Horticulture

Growth Light Specifications

GRACY Horticulture growth light is a 2D panel panel with integrated LEDs. Each panel supplies lots of lifegiving light to the plants and are ideal with no access to natural light. The LED panel is super slim, yet sturdy and lightweight and can easily be installed into a farm.

Technology LED
Material ACP, Polyethylene and Aluminum
Custom Dimensions max. 1100 x 1100 mm
Height 6 mm (7 mm, water protection)
Grow Light Spectra According to crop life cycle
Light control Wireless option
Power consumption 63 W/m2 at 200 umol.
TRACY® Horticulture

Growth Light Specifications

TRACY® Horticulture growth light is slim, linear aluminum panel with integrated LEDs supplying the plants with the lifegiving light needed for optimal growth and health. The linear form factor lets natural light in and makes it ideal for indoor cultivations where natural light is present.

Technology LED
Material Aluminum
Custom Length 300mm – 1800mm
Height 6 mm (7 mm, water protection)
IP IP20 or IP67
Grow Light Spectra According to crop life cycle
Luminous flux 218 lm / LED spot
Dimmable Yes


Customized Spectra
Get a higher yield with customized spectra and specially designed optics.
Compatible Software Solution
Advanced light control. Connect to DALI protocol, Bluetooth or LED iBond App solution.
Increased Yield and Quality
Growth light LEDs with market-leading power efficiency (63 W/m2 at 200 umol).
Easy Installation
The slim panels can be mounted on any rack design. Layers can be stacked as low as 15 cm.
Plug & Play Electrical Connections
Unique factory plug based on water resistant connector. Easy and quick connection to drivers and power installations.
Market Leading Quality
Market-leading lifespan based on high-quality materials.
Developed and Manufactured in Denmark
Strong international patented technology. Products are CE-marked according to European directives.
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App Light Control

Via our app you can control the growth light panels or you can connect to existing control system.

Customized Lighting Design

5 standard light spectra can be selected or the spectra can be customized for specific needs. 

Our growth light solutions are all optimized for effective utilization of μmol and outstanding uniformity of light.

TRACY Horticulture is made of aluminum
96.6% of TRACY® Horticulture can be recycled
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LED iBond’s technology enables profitable large-scale vertical farming, one of the sustainable farming methods used to feed the world of tomorrow.

UN SDG 13 - Climate action


As a leading technology developer, LED iBond facilitates and supports the propagation of energy-saving LED-technology for climate improvements.

What do our customers say?

We are very impressed with the LED light solution LED iBond has delivered to my vertical farm. It was very clear that they outperformed the light I had installed both on uniformity, but also on maintenance. We ran a test installation in the fall of 2021 and the results were amazing and I have now implemented LED iBond light on a complete layer where I see an increase on my yield.

Quote: Camilla Enge, CEO, Refarmed