6 Elements of Custom LED Lighting in Creative Spaces

Creative space lighting with the minimalistic luminaire, The Plane

Having the right type of LED lighting can greatly elevate a space, especially when it is meant for creative production and expression. Whether it is a music or art studio, a showroom, an open office, or a home office for hobbies or a side business, custom LED lighting can transform an ordinary room into a place that encourages creatives to reach their full potential. LEDs have long been the superior lighting solution, and in this article, we consider six lighting elements that can be considered for customization. These are lighting hues, brightness, saturation, beam direction, lighting fixtures, and technological integration. Read on to discover how to optimize these elements.


In the past decades, creative spaces have been on the rise, with more and more people are looking to customize their work and leisure spaces. This is partly due to reports from the scientific community, which have emphasized that poor designs can not only put a damper on workers’ moods but also stifle their creativity.

In related reports, scientists have also found that the use and design of lighting in our spaces greatly impact our cognitive performance by influencing our mood, alertness, productivity, heart rate, and more. In short, our responses to light go far beyond regular color recognition.

Implementing the optimal lighting system is a pressing concern within creative industries, where innovation is expected of individuals. Thus, aside from prioritizing light quality, many of these individuals have made the switch to using custom LED lights to optimize their creative spaces.


Are LEDs Expensive?

Before considering customization, many creatives may be hesitant about using LEDs in the first place for one reason: cost. This is a valid concern. However, there is not much to worry about if we take a look at the statistics.

Although it is true that LED bulbs are more expensive to purchase compared to traditional lighting solutions such as incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, they feature superior technology and has far more benefits. These include their lower energy consumption, higher energy efficiency, and safer configurations. For the environmentally conscious, LEDs have long been the best bet as well.

In fact, it has been well documented that LED lighting users actually end up paying considerably less money in the maintenance and upkeep of their bulbs and fixtures years down the line. With that concern out of the way, we can look at the 6 ways creatives can curate personalized lights.


The 6 Customizable Elements


Personalized lighting hues in creative spaces can serve to optimize our performance and creative expression. According to scientific studies, the color of the room we are in can greatly affect our focus, energy level, and emotions. While red light can speed up the heart and intensify emotions, blue light has the opposite effect — it can calm us down and keep our heartbeat steady. Orange hues sharpen our thinking, and natural white light can give us a boost and make us more productive.

LED is the most popular choice for custom lighting in creative spaces due to the wide variety of hues or colors that they come in. Traditional lighting solutions, such as incandescent and fluorescent lights, are only available in different shades of white, from warm to cool. LEDs, on the other hand, come in red, green, blue, yellow, and amber.

These colors are fully functional on their own, but they can also be combined in any ratio to create new shades, such as purple, orange, and teal. Due to their small size of only 5mm, multicolor LED lights can be placed closely together in ambient, task, and accent lighting to create unique spaces and stunning displays.

LED Brightness

In creative spaces where personal expression is concerned, it is important that the mood and ambiance of a room are always exactly right. This is where dimmable and adjustable lighting becomes vital. Backed by science, it has been proven that brighter lights can intensify emotions, and dimmer lights can keep us feeling more stable and relaxed.

LED dimmer switches are required for dimming LED bulbs. Once set up with a compatible model, LED bulbs do not flicker, and the dimming process is always smooth. With a flexible lighting source, users can easily customize how they want their spaces to look at any given time of day.

LED Saturation

Light saturation is the intensity of color from a light source. This is another factor to consider when implementing custom LED lighting. In general, saturation is defined on a scale of 0 to 100%, with 0% to mean gray and 100% to mean fully saturated or pure color. Applied to lighting, more saturated hues can amplify our emotions, while less saturated hues can have a dulling effect on them.

Our LED lights offer crisp, high-quality optics that will boost productivity and prevent sluggishness. Having mental clarity will offset your creative process and ensure they are produced to the highest standard.

Light Direction

Compared to traditional lighting solutions, LEDs have the most focused beams. This is because they are omnidirectional, meaning they target only where they are pointed. Emitting light in a focused 180 degrees instead of the sweeping 360, there is greater freedom in choosing where light goes and which part of the room is illuminated. There will also not be a need to purchase additional lighting equipment, such as reflectors or visors, to shield light from reaching areas that do not need to be lit.

This is ideal for creative spaces shared by multiple people, as each person will get to have their own area with their preferred custom lighting set up. This also benefits music studios. There is often a glass divider between the recording space and the booth in which a second person operates the controls on an engineering board. While the recording artist may prefer a low light to concentrate on their artistry or even lights of different hues to bring out their emotions, the producer in the booth may prefer a brighter light so they can navigate the engineering board. With focused beams, both will be able to work in spaces they feel most comfortable in.

Light Fixtures

Aside from personalizing LED lights, creatives can also opt for custom light fixtures. This is especially relevant for those who may have issues with space or those who have more unique visions for their working environment.

LED iBond is a leading expert at creating innovative lighting solutions, and our smart shelf Shelly is one of the most customizable light fixtures on the market. At only 24mm thick and weighing only 5,2kg, it can carry up to 80kg (176lbs), making it an excellent solution for creatives looking to set up lighted displays with design flexibility.

Shelly also offers advanced optics to illuminate objects placed on it. These are built-in LEDs available in any color desired by the user, and it is fully equipped with dimming capabilities. Additionally, Shelly’s discreet and wireless design makes the shelf fully customizable in terms of interior design. It is ideal for those looking to curate high-quality displays exactly the way they like them.

At LED iBond, we also provide innovative solutions for overhead and wall lights. Everly, our bulb replacement concept will make the customizing process much smoother. Everly is a state-of-the-art plug that mounts an LED. It can be installed as a recessed fixture, and it comes with a special tool that allows the fitting and replacement of LEDs to be done in a matter of seconds. Everly is incredibly compact and can be implemented on both ceilings and walls.

Technological Integration

To fulfill the visions of creatives, personalized light fixtures can also be integrated with technological features to create a comprehensive lighting system.

As mentioned, Shelly is our smart shelving solution that offers built-in custom lights. Where technology is concerned, it also offers full Internet of Things (IoT) integration. Through open platform technology, its lighting controls can be hooked up to a network shared with other smart shelves of its kind. From there, all the shelves can be controlled remotely from the same place, such as a mobile device or tablet, with the swipe of a finger.

Aside from smart shelves, we also offer IoT integration in our ultra-slim lighting panels. They are made from our internationally patented sandwich system that contains custom LED lights placed between two Aluminum Composite Panels (ACPs). As LEDs are compact, our panels are equally so at only 6mm thick.

Borne from this system is Tracy, one of our new innovative LED panels. It is wireless and integrated with LEDs, and its panels can be flexibly cut at any length. They may also be implemented horizontally and vertically and even be assembled around corners.

Tracy has full IoT integration, meaning it is compatible with IoT sensors that can pick up light, sound, temperature, humidity, and movement. These light panels can also be integrated with speakers, microphones, and cameras. With these impressive capabilities, Tracy serves as more than just a custom lighting fixture; it is also a trusted companion in creative processes.

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