The Plane®: Cool Elegance with Bi-directional Light

The Plane, our minimalistic LED fixture illuminating an office space

Gone are the days of dark ceilings. Suspended from ceilings, bi-directional lighting elevates a space and creates a visually appealing atmosphere. At LED iBond, our innovative luminaire, The Plane®, delivers precisely this. At only 6mm with high-quality LEDs, implementation is flexible, and the fixture has been employed in showrooms, retail outlets, and offices with high satisfaction from users.


Applications of Bi-directional Lighting

Bi-directional lighting has a two-sided light line and can provide reliable illumination while significantly brightening up a space. It is popular in retail and office environments for its sleek and minimalist appearance and its discreet source of light for both the room and its ceiling.

This innovation is emphasized in spaces with high ceilings, and it can provide an air of sophistication and elegance.


The Plane® – LED iBond’s Innovative Bi-directional Light

LED iBond’s bi-directional LED solution, The Plane®, is a pendant luminaire for ceiling mounting. The one-of-a-kind light panel was designed in the conjunction of technology and creativity.

Minimalist and Clean Design

Developed, processed, and assembled in Denmark, The Plane® is an extremely slim light panel at only 6mm. It also has a 4-point suspension design with power supply integration, so users do not have to bother with cables.

The design of the light panel is very much in line with the simple elegance of Scandinavian-styled interiors, and The Plane® will blend right into any office, home, and retail environment without any effort.


There are few components in The Plane®, and there is negligible use of rare raw materials such as copper. Instead, most of our products at LED iBond are made from recycled aluminium, one of the strongest yet environmentally conscious materials that can be further re-recycled in the future.

Integrated with our very own LEDs that have superior thermal management, the panels also have a span of over 100,000 hours, which translates to over a decade of continuous use. This is a huge advantage compared to other light sources such as fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.

The average LED on the market has a lifespan of 50,000 hours. This is 50 times the lifespan of the typical incandescent bulb and about 8-10 times that of typical fluorescent lighting. From this, we see that LED iBond’s LEDs is far superior to anything we have seen on the market.

Flexible Implementation

The Plane® is not only super slim and lightweight at 6mm and only 3.8kg, but its suspension height is also adjustable. The panel’s up and down lights can be turned on and off independently of each other, and users can toggle the setting that best fits their needs.

The panel comes with white LEDs and other colors can be installed upon request.

The light panel is easy to implement and easier to clean, as it utilizes magnetic attachment and connection. The panel can be snapped off from the wire suspension and then put back into place when done cleaning.

Users can customize their lighting panel as it suits their needs and aesthetic.

Excellent Performance

The Plane®, though minimalistic in design, has excellent performance capability that far exceeds the average light panel on the market.

It has an intelligent heat sink made of Aluminium Composite Panels (ACPs), with integrated LEDs sandwiched between two aluminium skins. Aluminium is an excellent heat conductor and can dissipate heat efficiently. The light panel thus avoids overheating issues that can cause damage to its light output and the longevity of its LEDs.

This is the reason that takes the light panel’s lifespan to up to 100,000 hours, and this long lifespan of LEDs is an exclusive feature at LED iBond.

Applications of The Plane®

Thanks to the luminaire’s minimalist design, it can be easily integrated into any space with minimal obstruction.

The Plane® can be used as ambient and task lighting in offices, meeting rooms, hallways, lounges, atriums, showrooms, and retail spaces such as display windows. Over the years, LED iBond has implemented these suspended lights in various places across industries, and The Plane® has time and again been met with high satisfaction.


Case Study – Bentley’s Display W

To demonstrate the flexibility of implementation of The Plane®, we introduce a project LED iBond has worked on for Bentley’s display windows, particularly the car dealership’s retail showroom in the heart of Madrid, Spain.


With passion, innovation, and adventure as the brand’s values, Bentley were eager to showcase their cars to potential customers in a welcoming and sophisticated space. While customers must feel relaxed enough in the room to discuss business, they must also be able to appreciate the cars in their full, vibrant colors.

LED iBond’s Custom Lighting Solution

LED iBond supplied two products to Bentley: the TRACY® Spot and The Plane®.

TRACY® is our unique spot lighting luminaire equipped with high-quality LEDs that can focus on the cars displayed around the showroom. Like The Plane®, it is highly customizable in color and design, and it can be integrated with third-party devices such as sensors and chargers.

We installed TRACY® at the storefront of the retail space to make it more attractive to passers-by on the street during the day and to highlight the cars in the evenings.

As for The Plane®, it was installed in the office area of the showroom. It was integrated with dimmable, warm white LEDs with a CCT of 4,000K and a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of >90. This made it possible for customers to admire the cars in their vibrancy.

The bi-directional light panel was also installed in the office area next to the showroom. Compared to the previous light fixture, The Plane® offered better and brighter light in the working area while also creating a comfortable place for staff and customers to sit down and enjoy a conversation.

The installations only took a few hours, and it was not necessary to close the showroom or office during the process. Bentley Madrid was delighted with the project, and our solutions and LED iBond was highly recommended by its Managing Director Javier Arias.


Case Study – Jeudan’s Bi-directional LED Office Lighting

The Plane® has also been installed as LED office lighting. In our project for Jeudan, the largest listed real estate company in Denmark, we were tasked with improving the office working environment by upgrading its light source.


Jeudan’s office space is a renovated warehouse building from the 17th century, so it has beautiful high ceilings and wooden beams around the space.

The office wanted to preserve the uniqueness of the warehouse architecture while also modernizing its lighting system to improve efficiency and comfort in the workplace.

LED iBond’s Custom Lighting Solution

To achieve Jeudan’s goals, we installed 28 units of The Plane® with both up- and down-lights to draw attention to the beautiful ceilings of the warehouse.

We integrated these light panels with daylight-white LEDs, and the brightness increased the functionality of the space. The panels’ sleekness also the space’s original beauty by effortlessly harmonizing with it. As the warehouse had high ceilings, the installation height was adjusted to 225cm, giving the office decent proportions.

We also integrated the light panels with the Dali light control system. This provided office managers and staff the freedom to adjust the lighting to specific situations and needs, and the staff were highly satisfied with their new lights.


Case Study – Minimalist Lighting for Al Hambra and Sons’s Creative Space

LED iBond has employed The Plane® in the home of the design collective Al Hambra and Sons in Copenhagen, which is also home to the head office of our company partner Lesss.


As a showroom and a retail outlet, lights must have a high color rendering ability to reflect the true colors of the artwork, and they must support the demands of detailed artwork and the comfort of office work.

LED iBond’s Custom Lighting Solution

LED iBond supplied The Plane®, fitted with the full-featured wireless lighting control system Casambi for each panel.

While the bi-directional lighting enhanced the space, it also had individually controlled luminaires so users could adjust the lights exactly as they wanted.

The light panels were fitted with our LEDs with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of >90. This was a marked improvement from their previous lighting, which were regular T5 fluorescent fixtures with a CRI of >80.

The upgrade to LEDs also translated to a lower operating cost. Our LEDs have more than 16 times the lifespan of each fluorescent bulb and are 90% more energy efficient. With many lights running at once, sustainable LED lighting can have a big, positive impact on energy bills. It can also lower operational costs with its reduced replacement rates.

Upon installation, The Plane® blended right into the room through its minimalist design while offering plenty of light. Its adjustable height also ensured the fixture never disrupted the space or took attention away from the artwork.

Overall, the light panels installed managed to uplift the showroom and office area of the design collective, and Lesss was highly satisfied with the project.


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Bi-directional LED lighting can uplift a room without stealing its thunder. It also carries significant benefits, such as higher energy efficiency and lower electricity costs. In the long term, these benefits can lower the impact we have on the environment and save businesses money.

LED iBond’s innovation The Plane® was designed to maximize comfort and productivity in any environment without compromising eco-consciousness and aesthetics.

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